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Lunch Bag for Women

Custom waxed canvas lunch bag for women The "Brown" Bag // Caramel Brown WAXED Canvas Lunch Bag, an updated, eco-friendly classic Contact Sandy.Xie with skype or E-mail: sales6@changrongbags.com

Product Details

                Custom waxed canvas lunch bag for women

This listing is for the CARAMEL, WAXED version of this bag. Other versions available.

The "Brown" Bag is a reinvented classic.

There is nothing better than packing a great homemade lunch in an iconic brown paper sack. But with age, and added emphasis on being environmentally conscious, the simple sack should grow up, too.

That's why we created this super simple, stylish, and durable alternative. Made from a heavy duty canvas that has been hand-waxed, The "Brown" Bag can take just about anything, and still provide safe storage for your lunch every day of the week. In fact, just like the artisanal cheese you can keep inside, it gets and looks better with age.

Waxed canvas is a timeless material, and is incredibly versatile. The waxing process makes the material waterproof, so your (super important) snacks stay nice and dry no matter what the weather conditions. Just wipe dry with a damp cloth, and you're all set.

Water resistant waxed canvas material, It's very sturdy and easy to clean and easy to carry. You can choose various colors you like.

* PLAIN and SIMPLE design is highly functional without the need for any buckles or zippers.

*HIGH-QUALITY stitching and seam work means this bag is built to last.

*Easy to toss inside of a bag on your way out the door

Specifications fot the waxed canvas women lunch bag:


Custom waxed canvas lunch bag for women (3).JPG

Premium quality stitching.

Custom waxed canvas lunch bag for women (6).JPG

Water resistant Fabric.

16OZ waxed canvas.jpg

All colors you can choose for order.

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